Bay Area Style Blog Favorites

Awhile back I wrote about my favorite fashion blogs, and now I have a few more to add into the mix:

Kitties + Couture

This blog is written by Maria Morales, a Senior Advertising Marketing Manager at Kaboodle, and all around well dressed, nice girl. I love how she pairs such bold colors and shapes together in her looks. My two favorite looks: Liquid Champagne and Funny Face.

It’s Because I Think Too Much

Kaboodle’s Community Manager has a fashion blog as well. She says she’s had a shopping addiction since 2007, so its nice to see her time going into amazing looks like Sheer Silk and Leather Shorts. Her blog also covers nail art and what’s in her cosmetic bag. And if you’re lucky enough to meet this girl in person, you will be in for a real laugh, because she’s a riot!

The Fashionista Lab

Adelle McEleeven first launched this blog while spending a year in Tokyo, before relaunching it in 2008 upon arrival to San Francisco. Great locations to inspire a unique fashion perspective, right?! Her blog covers fashion news and her personal style.

Fashionably Ashley

Ashley Gustafson, a fellow co-founder of Digitally Chic, writes a lifestyle blog, jam packed with fashionable life updates like her trip to WWDMagic. And both in person and online, Ashley’s casual style has just the right amount of punch from well chosen accessories, usually in the form of great bag or hat.

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