Free People’s Fashion Bloggers Introduce Themselves Through Flickr

Free People just tweeted an introduction to its two fashion bloggers, Jemma and Julia. As a site that offers clothing for women into soft Southwestern and chic hippie-like style, it’s no surprise that these two bloggers really embody the brand’s feel so well.

Jemma says she likes the little things in life. And her description of being adventerous holds true in just her move from the UK to the US alone. Her Flickr album features, among other things, braided headbands, her enjoying the outdoors, and my favorite picture, her as a little girl with a bright pink handbag.

Julia, on the other hand, claims she was born in the wrong time, saying she has an old soul and that she loves music, writing in her journals, and can find inspiration in almost anything (I’m with you, Julia!). Pictures included in Julia’s Flickr album are of the ocean, playing drums in Jamaica, and her bookshelf.

After reading about these two bloggers today, I’ve been inspired to do some creative writing tonight.

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