Music & Menswear: Jonathan Pierce of The Drums

By Vanessa Lynn, Men’s Style Editor

Summer would not be the same without The Drums. Ever since I first started listening to them in 2009, they’ve become a fixture in my summertime playlists. Like any really good nostalgic pop, their music makes me want to revisit all of my childhood pastimes.

Lead singer Jonathan Pierce’s personal style is very fitting for the music his band creates. His clothes evoke an image that would perfectly fit a troubled teen cast in a Brat Pack flick. His style is casual yet thoughtful and easily accessible for anyone interested in capturing a similar look. The band’s overall image is very singular and I’m drawn to their aesthetic for that reason. Not many other current musicians could successfully fill the niche that The Drums complete. Pierce’s style is an appealing play on 1980s fashion, his lyrics are rather poetic, and his dancing is adorkable. Seriously.

Jonathan Pierce

To start your own Jonathan Pierce inspired look, find a red jacket with ribbed knit cuffs (windbreaker or letterman style) or a faded jean jacket. Underneath your jacket of choice, wear a color-blocked t-shirt or tank. If you want a slightly more formal look that’s still cool and casual, try a short-sleeved button-down in either a plaid or a solid that has a vintage feel to it, like a chambray.

For bottoms wear a pair of skinny jeans that cuff at the ankle or a light colored chino short. When finishing off your look, think classic. Choose between either a black pair of Dr. Martens or a colored Converse, perhaps in navy. And don’t forget to grab some classy black shades!

For The Drums most recent music video, check out their single Days.

Music Video to Embed: Me and the Moon

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