Music & Menswear: Jonathan Pierce of The Drums

By Vanessa Lynn, Men’s Style Editor

Summer would not be the same without The Drums. Ever since I first started listening to them in 2009, they’ve become a fixture in my summertime playlists. Like any really good nostalgic pop, their music makes me want to revisit all of my childhood pastimes.

Lead singer Jonathan Pierce’s personal style is very fitting for the music his band creates. His clothes evoke an image that would perfectly fit a troubled teen cast in a Brat Pack flick. His style is casual yet thoughtful and easily accessible for anyone interested in capturing a similar look. The band’s overall image is very singular and I’m drawn to their aesthetic for that reason. Not many other current musicians could successfully fill the niche that The Drums complete. Pierce’s style is an appealing play on 1980s fashion, his lyrics are rather poetic, and his dancing is adorkable. Seriously.

Jonathan Pierce

To start your own Jonathan Pierce inspired look, find a red jacket with ribbed knit cuffs (windbreaker or letterman style) or a faded jean jacket. Underneath your jacket of choice, wear a color-blocked t-shirt or tank. If you want a slightly more formal look that’s still cool and casual, try a short-sleeved button-down in either a plaid or a solid that has a vintage feel to it, like a chambray.

For bottoms wear a pair of skinny jeans that cuff at the ankle or a light colored chino short. When finishing off your look, think classic. Choose between either a black pair of Dr. Martens or a colored Converse, perhaps in navy. And don’t forget to grab some classy black shades!

For The Drums most recent music video, check out their single Days.

Music Video to Embed: Me and the Moon

Music & Menswear: King Charles

By Vanessa Lynn, Men’s Style Editor
“Your own pair of trousers look better on me.” -King Charles, lyrics from Ivory Road.
So I’ve basically been doing happy dance circles around my apartment since the May release of King Charles’s album, LoveBlood. I waited so long for it’s release and it lives up to all of my expectations and more. Everything about King Charles is just cool. For starters, he seems to know absolutely everyone there is to know in the UK music scene. I’ll be watching what I thought was just some random music video and then bam, there he is. And I have a feeling he is going to blowup in the States just like Mumford and Sons did two years ago.

I also love that he has a persona that he puts on, maybe not to Die Antwoord‘s proportions but a character nonetheless. Anyway, anyone who plays glam folk (and I don’t mean Vince Noir’s version although that’s grand as well), frequently makes Oscar Wilde references in his songs, and has hair kinda like this guy is winning in my book.

But I digress. King Charles has a really great personal style with a strong vintage vibe. He acts like a king and definitely dresses the part. You can pull inspiration from his wardrobe through the attitude of your own clothing. First decide if you want to wear a suit or unmatched separates. If you opt for a suit and want to go all out in King Charles glory, find a black suit with tails or an all white suit. Underneath, wear a white button down with a mandarin collar or a bib front tuxedo shirt. Coordinate either of these options with velvet slippers or loafers fit for a king.

If separates are more your style, you have a lot of options. If you want to wear a suit jacket, look for one that has a shawl collar and you can easily pair said jacket with a waistcoat, the shirt styles mentioned above, and a pair of black trousers.

For another option, try a pair of navy trousers (velvet is a bonus) and match with a blue button down. After cuffing your sleeves, try putting on a light colored belt to break up the blue. If you are super daring, you could even try a cummerbund as the King wears them often. However, proceed with caution, because this look requires the style level of “awesome” for one to pull off and not look either really silly or like you work at a hotel (or perhaps both). With the blue separates look, wear brown or cream leather shoes that come to a point at the toe. Try finding shoes that have interesting stitch details.

To finish off your look you could try a paisley scarf, wearing it either cravat style or loose around your neck. And because King Charles is often pictured with a cane, you could accessorize your look by carrying a walking umbrella if rain is in the forecast. Just remember to think British thoughts and perhaps add some Union Jack cuff-links and you’re good to go. Oh. And you may want to start growing your hair out because if you ever want to come even close to emulating King Charles’s voluminous ‘do, you best get started now because it will take awhile.

King Charles

Music & Menswear: Andre 3000 as Jimi Hendrix

By Vanessa Lynn, Men’s Style Editor
The more pictures that are leaked, the more excited I get to see Andre 3000 play Jimi Hendrix in the upcoming biopic All is By My Side. Andre 3000 is very much a style icon in his own right. In 2008, he launched his own clothing line called Benjamin Bixby with plans to revive it in the upcoming seasons. To me, Andre 3000 channeling Jimi Hendrix is something so magical that it’s almost too good to be true.Hendrix was my first experience with classic rock that wasn’t bubblegum pop or the Beatles and to have him brought to life again, even for a short while by Andre 3000 is truly cool. I think he’ll do a really excellent job portraying Hendrix, even with the limitations production is encountering. After all, I rather enjoyed his version of the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show and while not quite the same, I’m hoping the movie will be just as good.

Andre 3000 on set

So how would you achieve the look Andre 3000 is going for in his portrayal of Jimi Hendrix? Start off with a corduroy trouser in an interesting color or a basic neutral bottom. On top wear a button down shirt. Look for solids or prints and patterns that reference the late 60s like bold woven designs or paisley. If you opted for a solid button down, you could layer it with a patterned vest. Either button down option can be paired with a colored suit jacket or one that is military inspired. Hendrix was known for wearing vintage clothing and would often purchase actual military castoffs. Just remember to keep your cuts modern. You want to take inspiration from the 60s and not look like you walked right out of them. In this aspect, channel Andre 3000 and not Jimi Hendrix.

Jimi Hendrix

If you’re feeling daring enough, you could try adding a hat to your ensemble. Hendrix often wore a dark colored hat with a wide brim whereas Andre 3000 usually favors a straw hat. For shoes, you could try a woven leather derby or a Bob Dylan-esque boot, which was an extremely popular footwear option in the late 60s.

To finish off your look, either layer a few interesting necklaces or tie a handkerchief around your neck. If you’re especially daring and have the hair for it, you could even try tying the handkerchief around your forehead like Hendrix did. As last touches, complete your look with a funky stone inset ring and a pair of tinted aviators.

Andre 3000 as Jimi Hendrix
For more Andre 3000, check out one of his most recent musical collaborations: DoYaThing by the Gorillaz featuring Andre 3000 and James Murphy.

Music & Menswear: Julian Casablancas of the Strokes

By Vanessa Lynn, Men’s Style Editor

“I know I’m going to hell in a leather jacket.”
-Julian Casablancas, lyrics from Out of the Blue

I’ve always had a special spot in my heart for bad boys. It probably comes from watching too many classic films featuring Marlon Brando and James Dean at an impressionable age. I loved everything about them; their style, uncompromising attitudes and tumultuous inner struggles. In music, Julian Casablancas of The Strokes fills that niche for me.

Casablancas has a distinct edge about him. His lyrics and riffs are confident and bold. He’s not afraid of saying what he thinks and his personal fashion reflects those attitudes. Perhaps the most iconic pieces of his wardrobe are his leather jackets. It’s actually rare to see Casablancas without a leather jacket. When you do, he’s usually wearing some piece of outerwear that references a leather jacket through its style, making nods at Americana in the same way. So when putting together your Julian Casablancas inspired look focus on finding a jacket that fits your style, whether it be biker or aviator in cut- that’s up to you. Because of the Fourth of July heat, you may want to opt for a light denim button down instead of a leather jacket.

Underneath your jacket, layer either a t-shirt or a tank, choosing a style that feels a bit vintage. I particularly like how often Casablancas wears bold stripes underneath his jackets, coordinating with skinny fit red or blue  denim jeans. For shoes, try a boot that references biker gear or rock and roll. Or, you can go with the ever-classic Converse, which are a must for any summer music festival attendee.

To make your look complete, pay some attention to the smaller details. Casablancas usually wears a variety of accessories. Try layering a few necklaces, leather bracelets, or wearing a chunky watch. You could even tie a handkerchief around your wrist or have it sticking out of your back pocket. Choose a handkerchief in colors that contrast from the rest of your outfit for visual interest. Finish off your look with a simple solid leather belt and your favorite black sunglasses, perhaps Ray-Bans.

Julian Casablancas

Music & Menswear: Max McElligott of Wolf Gang

By Vanessa Lynn, Men’s Style Editor

As I’m writing this, it’s a rather dreary and overcast summer’s day in Madison, WI. But I’ve never been one to get down by rain because I’ve always felt that rain can bring us closer to fantasy; children trapped indoors by the weather allowing their imaginations to run wild, opening every cupboard door in search of the next Narnia.

The music by London-based band Wolf Gang makes me feel kind of like that. Their symphonic rock style and picaresque lyrics create another world entirely and Scottish frontman Max McElligott certainly dresses to fit the part as creator of that world.

The King and All of His Men by Wolf Gang

Max McElligott’s style is clean, but not too clean. He adds small touches to give his look personality that makes it completely his own and super recognizable. Generally, McElligott starts off with a very neutral base, (so neutral that half the time I think he could make an admirable Corneliani spokesman), just as admirable as his pairing with Burberry. His base wardrobe consists of a variety of suits in white, tan, or black with a slim fit.

McElligott’s signature go-to top is a white button down shirt. He usually pairs said button-down with a woven scarf that has an antique vibe to it, either loose around his neck or tied cravat style.

Finally, a Max McElligott inspired look is not complete without a little ornamentation. He usually favors a simple cross earring, which can still be rather daring to most.

How to pull this all together? If suits are not your thing, try a pair of dark-wash skinny jeans with a cuff or neutral chinos. As alternatives to McElligott’s favored white button-downs, try out either dusty (muted) turquoise or burnt orange. It will give the neutrals a pop of color but will still be understated enough to reference McElligott’s simplicity of dress. For shoes, try either a brown leather boot or a basic loafer.

If you don’t have an ear pierced or aren’t sure if that look will be your cup of tea, you could first try out an ear cuff. If that’s still too bold of a statement for you, try going for a rosary inspired neck-piece. It will be more subtle but will still capture the McElligott inspired look you’re going for.

Michael Kors, Steve Jobs, and the Similarities Between

As Michael Kors celebrates his 30th year in fashion, and Steve Jobs steps down as CEO from a company he co-founded 35 years ago, it’s a good time to acknowledge that these two men have a few things in common:

Both are leaders in their fields. Steve Jobs is known for creating slick, minimalist gadget designs and Michael Kors is known for designing chic American sportswear.

Both are the faces of their respected companies. Each personality has become synonymous with each brand.

Both have a penchant for classic black clothing, but definitely started out on the other end of the spectrum. In the 70s and 80s, Steve Jobs wore bare feet around the Apple campus and three-piece suits to speaking engagements. In more recent years, Jobs found one style and stuck to it.

Source: Reality Pod

And though he tried many fads during his younger years, Michael Kors admits that he now always wears the same thing. “I always pack two black jackets, loads of black T-shirts, loads of white jeans. I feel a little fresh and glamorous and graphic”.

Source: The Budget Fashionista

While these two men may not have been too daring with color in their wardrobes lately, they’re both true American icons and their little black numbers have only helped elevate them to cult icon status. Their legacies will live on for years to come.

On a related note: check out @TheRealTimCook feed for exciting updates as Tim Cook takes on Steve Jobs’ former role.

Mark by Mark Zuckerberg- A Fashion Line Inspired by Facebook’s Main Man

Mark by Mark Zuckerberg is a pretty hilarious take on Marc by Marc Jacobs, but I really hope Zuckerberg’s overall “fashion sense” doesn’t spread any further than it already has because though he’s brilliant in many ways, he is not known for dressing well.

However, if I saw my boyfriend wearing the Mark by Mark Zuckerberg tee or Goldman Sack I would fall over laughing. Just please, please, please, guys, do NOT wear those jeans.

This hilarity was created by blogger Nathan, of On & Also, don’t miss Nathan’s take on what to wear for a Skype interview.

Happy Friday, everyone.