Music & Menswear: Max McElligott of Wolf Gang

By Vanessa Lynn, Men’s Style Editor

As I’m writing this, it’s a rather dreary and overcast summer’s day in Madison, WI. But I’ve never been one to get down by rain because I’ve always felt that rain can bring us closer to fantasy; children trapped indoors by the weather allowing their imaginations to run wild, opening every cupboard door in search of the next Narnia.

The music by London-based band Wolf Gang makes me feel kind of like that. Their symphonic rock style and picaresque lyrics create another world entirely and Scottish frontman Max McElligott certainly dresses to fit the part as creator of that world.

The King and All of His Men by Wolf Gang

Max McElligott’s style is clean, but not too clean. He adds small touches to give his look personality that makes it completely his own and super recognizable. Generally, McElligott starts off with a very neutral base, (so neutral that half the time I think he could make an admirable Corneliani spokesman), just as admirable as his pairing with Burberry. His base wardrobe consists of a variety of suits in white, tan, or black with a slim fit.

McElligott’s signature go-to top is a white button down shirt. He usually pairs said button-down with a woven scarf that has an antique vibe to it, either loose around his neck or tied cravat style.

Finally, a Max McElligott inspired look is not complete without a little ornamentation. He usually favors a simple cross earring, which can still be rather daring to most.

How to pull this all together? If suits are not your thing, try a pair of dark-wash skinny jeans with a cuff or neutral chinos. As alternatives to McElligott’s favored white button-downs, try out either dusty (muted) turquoise or burnt orange. It will give the neutrals a pop of color but will still be understated enough to reference McElligott’s simplicity of dress. For shoes, try either a brown leather boot or a basic loafer.

If you don’t have an ear pierced or aren’t sure if that look will be your cup of tea, you could first try out an ear cuff. If that’s still too bold of a statement for you, try going for a rosary inspired neck-piece. It will be more subtle but will still capture the McElligott inspired look you’re going for.

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