Summer is Here and E-Tailers are Ready

Summer is officially here, but many e-tailers have been ready for days, or even weeks, with cool, glamorous, and even quirky site design updates.

Coach: This brand’s site opens with a short video of a dog climbing in and out and around a few different Coach handbags before shifting to the question, “What’s in your tote?” Coach definitely knows how to market to my demographic well by including two of our favorite things- cute animals and colorful handbags.

Prabal Gurung: As soon as you arrive to Gurung’s homepage, various images of a model in the designer’s Spring dresses appear, taking over the whole screen. Visually driven? Yes. Springlike? Very. A bit erotic? Maybe Gurung was reading 50 Shades of Gray when this campaign was designed. All in all, the dresses highlighted are beyond beautiful. You can’t help but click to see what’s next.

Hermes: Though this site has other hand drawn images, this is my favorite. It’s creative (almost Target-esque in the way one item becomes something else- a man’s tie used as a cape in this instance) and catchy. Anyone shopping on the site can remember when they were little and they saw their Father, or Father figure, as superman.

What seasonal site updates have you been admiring lately?

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