Music & Menswear: Julian Casablancas of the Strokes

By Vanessa Lynn, Men’s Style Editor

“I know I’m going to hell in a leather jacket.”
-Julian Casablancas, lyrics from Out of the Blue

I’ve always had a special spot in my heart for bad boys. It probably comes from watching too many classic films featuring Marlon Brando and James Dean at an impressionable age. I loved everything about them; their style, uncompromising attitudes and tumultuous inner struggles. In music, Julian Casablancas of The Strokes fills that niche for me.

Casablancas has a distinct edge about him. His lyrics and riffs are confident and bold. He’s not afraid of saying what he thinks and his personal fashion reflects those attitudes. Perhaps the most iconic pieces of his wardrobe are his leather jackets. It’s actually rare to see Casablancas without a leather jacket. When you do, he’s usually wearing some piece of outerwear that references a leather jacket through its style, making nods at Americana in the same way. So when putting together your Julian Casablancas inspired look focus on finding a jacket that fits your style, whether it be biker or aviator in cut- that’s up to you. Because of the Fourth of July heat, you may want to opt for a light denim button down instead of a leather jacket.

Underneath your jacket, layer either a t-shirt or a tank, choosing a style that feels a bit vintage. I particularly like how often Casablancas wears bold stripes underneath his jackets, coordinating with skinny fit red or blue  denim jeans. For shoes, try a boot that references biker gear or rock and roll. Or, you can go with the ever-classic Converse, which are a must for any summer music festival attendee.

To make your look complete, pay some attention to the smaller details. Casablancas usually wears a variety of accessories. Try layering a few necklaces, leather bracelets, or wearing a chunky watch. You could even tie a handkerchief around your wrist or have it sticking out of your back pocket. Choose a handkerchief in colors that contrast from the rest of your outfit for visual interest. Finish off your look with a simple solid leather belt and your favorite black sunglasses, perhaps Ray-Bans.

Julian Casablancas

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