Sequin, Sparkle, and Shine

Sparkly things have been taking over my life lately and I am not complaining.


About a month ago I spotted a sequin clutch on that I was just dying to own. After tracking down the bag to Zara, I was finally able to score the last one in the store on Wednesday night. My next step is to figure out an outfit to go with this bag.



The other fun purchase I made recently was a small pot of silver glitter that my girl friends and I wore on a recent day trip. I don’t think you can ever outgrow a little silver glitter eye makeup on occasion.



And finally, my big news! About a week ago, I was offered a position as a fashion & beauty guru for Yahoo! Shine.  Come Monday I will receive my first assignment, so stay tuned for my first piece soon!

I’d say, considering everything that’s gone on in my life lately, including a work trip to New Orleans last week and a seemingly long week this week (nobody likes the sniffles), I’m ready to enjoy the glint of the weekend, looming just a few hours away!

Source: WeHeartIt

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