Four Style Blogs I’m Addicted To

I have to say that getting a brand new Vogue magazine each month is something I’ve looked forward to every since I started becoming a collector about nine years ago. But between each publication? Among reading other fashion magazines, I usually turn to the web to get my fix of up to the minute style inspiration.

Here are the style blogs that keep me going:
The number one style blog I’ve been reading lately is This blog is my current favorite because it shows the types of clothes that I enjoy both looking at, and purchasing myself. I like the romantic laces and really amazing shoes. It’s also nice to see where others are shopping, and this site definitely shows off mixes of high end and low end finds. Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of H&M on the site, including my particular HM favorite, but unfortunately when I go to H&M the quality of some of the clothing isn’t as nice as the style.

One of my favorite style stars of the site posts outfits with a little illustration off to one side. This makes her stand out more than the some of the others who just post pictures, and all with a similar attitude (some trying way too hard).

Punky Style
Punky Style is a vintage style blog I started reading a few years ago during grad school in Boston (hey, procrastination is a big part of school). I had been searching for unique style blogs around Massachusetts and Punky Style was one of the first blogs that caught my attention, and the only one that I still read religiously. Though I can’t pull off half (ok, ok, more like 80%) of the looks Punky (Amy Chase) pulls off, it’s inspiring to see someone so daring in their personal style.

Perhaps even more so, it’s inspiring to watch a style blogger starting to emerge as a well known entrepreneur. Through both Haberdash Vintage (a vintage store on wheels) and the Swapaholics (please help me convince her to come to San Francisco and host a swap), Punky has been making quite a name for herself in the vintage shopping community.

Cupcakes and Cashmere
I don’t remember how I quite found this blog, but I’m going to guess somehow Twitter was involved. Anyway, this blog is simply adorable. Not only does Emily cover her personal style, but she often blogs about other things like how-tos, recipes, and home improvement; perfect for the modern girl. I like her approach to her style descriptions, and the easy way she has her past photos organized on her site for quick reference (at least to the month).

College Fashionista
Ok, wish I had this blog when I was in college! College Fashionista is the go- to spot on the web to see what college students across the the United States. Amy, the site’s founder, created the blog back in 2008 while attending Indiana University. Now the site covers more than 70 colleges/universities. Not only is it fun to see what’s hip on campuses these days, I like reading about student fashion shows, and ok, it doesn’t hurt to see my younger sister’s style findings published!

So there you have it. The top four style blogs I read and how I get some of my inspiration. What are your style blog favorites?

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