Three Ways Mainstream Magazines and Fashion Bloggers are Collaborating

Yesterday I was reading a post about Vogue’s Influencer Network on IFB and started thinking about all of the ways magazines are partnering with bloggers these days.

Source: Style-Delights

Blogger Networks

Big name magazines have created blogger networks to better partner with some of the most elite fashion bloggers. Network must mentions include Lucky Style Collective (founded, Feb 2011), Glamour’s Young and Posh (founded, Feb 2011), and Vogue’s Influencer Network (founded, July 2011).

Featured Bloggers

Magazines are increasingly featuring bloggers’ style as a way to show style trends through already loved industry favorites.

Lucky Magazine  seems to have it just about right with their post about current blogger style. “Blogger Style: The Pieces That Click“, is about must-haves for fall, including ideas from the bloggers of From Me to You and That’s Chic (my favorites of the bunch).

Magazine Blogs

Many magazines, and online newspapers, have included fashion blogs within their publications over the past few years.

Random, yes, but Marie Claire’s Diary of a Fashionista blog gives the magazine’s staff a chance to cover just about anything fashion related. From last week’s Project Runway episode, to the closing of the McQueen show in New York, to Ferragamo’s online trunk show, this blog focuses on the “now” factor as its theme.

In these three ways, magazine and blogger efforts merge in an attempt to get their names out there, stay relevant, and loved.

While I’m very excited about seeing my favorite bloggers get featured on magazine sites, I can’t help but be wary of such collaborations. Stay tuned for a post about this topic soon.

If you liked this post, you may like my post about how well Lucky Magazine ties its print edition into the world of digital.

4 thoughts on “Three Ways Mainstream Magazines and Fashion Bloggers are Collaborating

  1. As much as we all love magazines, the glossy paper, the pretty ( and not so pretty images) the collaborations that go on between mags and bloggers I think will eventually make mags obsolete. Why spend up to 5 bucks for a mag at the store when you can get the up to the minute news online, and at the click of a button. We live in a society that thrives on instant gratification. Instant coffee, fast food, tivo (because who needs commercials?) etc. I love slowly reading through the pages of Vogue, but man, it’s hard for everyone else to compete when a blogger can go viral with a story in seconds. I think the blooger-magazine relationship needs to be reigned in if mags wanna stay on top!

  2. Thanks for your thoughts about this! I agree that bloggers have the benefit of being viral.

    I do think it’s only a matter of time for people to get 100% of their fashion news from blogs and just enjoy more of the content curation aspect of fashion finds via online mags.

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