Intel and Marie Claire Partner in Ad Campaign

Amidst some late summer and early fall editorial spreads, I was pleased to run across the very fashion friendly ads promoting the Intel-inspired Ultrabook in the August issue of Marie Claire (yes, I still love print mags).

The first, a two-page spread, shows off the fall color trend, plum, and features three well known women in the fashion industry rocking this color while modeling their Intel-inspired Ultrabooks. The women featured include Ashley Madekwe of Ring My Bell, Nola Weinstein of GlamChic and Amy Levin of CollegeFashionista (another blog to which our Women’s Style Editor Caroline contributes!).

I love the play on the word plum in the header, “plum assignment”, love the styling of each woman and love that industry thought leaders are the models for this ad. Not surprisingly, this ad’s call to action is for readers to visit Marie Claire’s Facebook page, click on the Fashion Forward app and enter for a chance to win an Intel-inspired Ultrabook (along with cash prize!). From there, the Fashion Forward app on the Facebook page lets visitors have more interactions with the campaign like voting for their favorite bloggers’ style in the spread and seeing a behind-the-scenes video of the photo shoot.

The second ad is one page and simply reads, “Ultra sharp. Ultrabook.” This ad shows the juxtaposition between a shoe with a laptop inspired stiletto heel versus the side view of a laptop. Though this ad is sleeker than the first, it doesn’t have a clear call to action, and definitely doesn’t need that laptop in the upper right corner. The stiletto laptop gets the right message across all on its own. However, if I were to save one ad to display in a collage, it would be this one.

Which is your favorite?