Faux DKNY Social Media Buzz Turns Reality

Aliza Licht certainly knows how to keep PR interesting. The first big splash I caught wind of was when she announced that she was the real voice behind the DKNY PR Girl personality. This time, Aliza and team created a video that captures a faux social media campaign around the re-opening of the DKNY London store (in time for the Olympics).

The video is spot on with, let’s face it, how we all act these days. One person hears some news and tweets. Within the matter of seconds, minutes and hours, the buzz grows exponentially larger through retweets and replies. In this case, the video shows Erica Domesek of P.S.- I Made This opening an invitation (shouldn’t the invitation have gone out via Paperless Post?) to the DKNY store re-opening. She scrawls a Union Jack on the invite and takes an Instagram photo, which she then promptly posts on Twitter. From there, others start retweeting and replying to her tweet, and soon, the entire world is making comments across the social web about the re-opening event.

Overall, all I can really say about this spot is, great job, Aliza! My favorite part about this video is that in a sense, DKNY told us ahead of time what is going on right. now.

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