Cinematic Fashion: Factory Girl

By Caroline Elizabeth, Women’s Style Editor

The 2006 flick “Factory Girl” is based on the life of Edie Sedgewick, a socialite and film star best known for being one of Andy Warhol’s muses. Sienna Miller stars along with Guy Pearce as they depict an intense relationship between two of the most memorable, emulated figures from my favorite decade, the 1960’s.

Sienna Miller’s style as Edie throughout the film is sexy yet carefree. She wears clothing very of-the-moment, and therefore 1960’s mod, but is always a bit different or over the top with her looks. Edie needs to be shown in the film as the unique being that she was, as she was an inspiring to not only Andy but also America during her ‘It Girl’ phase.

During the beginning of the film Edie is a slightly more innocent young woman, before she meets Andy, does drugs all day, becomes famous, and turns crazy. Her look is a bit more tame, with stockings underneath her mini dresses, longer dark hair in the teased style of the time, and more smart accessories choices.

Sienna Miller’s character eventually cuts and bleaches her hair, which gives her the perfect opportunity to show off big jewelry like bold earrings she is seen wearing quite a bit. Edie wears a good deal of classic stripes, so be sure to get yourself a nice striped shirt or tunic to wear with leggings if you don’t already own one. Simple bold dresses not only Edie’s effortless style, but also the overall mood of the period work well too!

While Edie’s style is minimalist in many ways, she always adds unique touches so don’t be afraid to accessorize with big black boots, some bangles, a bold bag, or cats eye sunglasses. A few times in the film Edie is seen wearing fur, which can always be a fun and practical piece to throw on during a cool night, so hunt down a fur wrap or short jacket from a local consignment or thrift store! Lastly, don’t forget to still be yourself while rocking your Edie-inspired look. The good news is that the 60’s are back in so you won’t look out of place today if you keep your overall look simple and stick to classic, mod items!

factory girl

Orange dress / Alice + Olivia beaded dress, $450 / Warehouse mini dress, $54 / Warehouse cotton dress, $78 / Uniqlo boat neck top, $23 / CC SKYE striped shirt / John Lewis skinny pants, $23 / J.Crew j crew boots / KORS Michael Kors black ballet flat / Hobo bag / Steve Madden handbag / John Hardy gold silver earrings / Fantasy Jewelry Box lucite jewelry / House of Harlow 1960 gold bangle, $155 / Hammered earrings / LISKA scarve, $595 / Biba feather shawl, $195 / House of Harlow 1960 oversized sunglasses / Elizabeth and James sunglasses

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