Three Things to Learn from Rebecca Minkoff’s Social Strategy

Rebecca Minkoff is a name I’ve been hearing everywhere lately, and no wonder, because the Rebecca Minkoff brand IS everywhere these days. Minkoff has been designing handbags since 2005 and just two years later jumped right into connecting with customers through social media. And efforts are showing. Just this week, the brand was among the top nominees for Best Blog at the third annual Fashion 2.0 Awards. Pretty good, right? So just how does this brand stay at the helm of fashion brands in the digital space?

When thinking about the Rebecca Minkoff brand, I immediately figured who better to talk to than Maria Morales of Kitties + Couture, a blog on which I’ve been repeatedly spotting Minkoff bags.

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Style Blogger (and Senior Marketing Manager at Poshmark) Maria Morales had some great insights into how the social marketing portion of the Rebecca Minkoff brand is faring.

1. If you want it done right, do it yourself.

In 2007, the Minkoffs (Rebecca and her brother, Uri, CEO of the Rebecca Minkoff brand) began to grow the brand name pretty much organically online. They participated in blog comment sections, chat rooms and forum discussions and over time began to create the “Minketts”, their online brand ambassadors.

“I remember the first time I checked my Twitter and saw that Rebecca Minkoff had tweeted to me complimenting me on one of my outfit posts–I most likely let out a squeal (or two)! That one little tweet from the designer herself made me feel so much more connected to the brand, which in turn influenced me to keep writing and promoting the brand, feeding a never ending cycle of (free) word-of-mouth marketing,” says Maria of Kitties + Couture.

Now how’s that for getting your customers interested? Designers who handle their own Twitter accounts, and handle them in the right ways, can basically putting in a little effort (a few tweets directly to consumers here and there) in exchange for big returns.

Learning through hands on trial and error and reviewing consumer feedback right out there posted to the social web was a good move for the Rebecca and Uri. The Rebecca Minkoff brand is now at the forefront of fashion brands in the digital space, and remains well respected for it.

2. Get involved in multiple social networks

Unlike some fashion brands, Rebecca Minkoff is pretty much a social media veteran at this point, and today, the brand is involved across a variety of social networks.

“I think Rebecca Minkoff and her on-the-pulse team have made the Rebecca Minkoff brand one of the most socially aware and active in the digital space today. They’re active across nearly all types of social platforms on a daily basis, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pose, Polyvore, and their own personal “Minkette” blog,” Maria of Kitties + Couture reports.

Not only is the team behind the Minkoff brand active, but also innovative. Along with other creative ideas, they’ve created a community of brand enthusiasts and then giving those fans a place on the website.

3. Keep ’em wanting more with behind-the-scenes looks

While entering the social media world back in 2007, the brand began cultivating a following which they dubbed the “Minkettes”. In 2009, a community site called Minkette was launched. This site isn’t where fans shop, but where they go to experience a behind-the-scenes look at the brand. My favorite sections include Style, where celebrities sporting the Minkoff bags are showcased, Play, where fans can enter giveaways and learn DIY tips, and Minkette Muse, a look at the brand from the PR girl’s perspective.
After about a decade in the fashion business, it’s clear that the Rebecca Minkoff brand is innovative, energetic, and here to stay awhile.

See what’s next for the brand during coverage of Rebecca Minkoff’s Fall 2012 show streaming live at 3 pm today.

4 thoughts on “Three Things to Learn from Rebecca Minkoff’s Social Strategy

  1. I have a serious addiction to her bags. Seeing that picture of Minkoff pile is kind of funny. 😉

    Thanks for including me in this post, Ashley! xo

  2. I Loved this post! Couldn’t agree more! Cited this article in a paper I just completed for my social media in business course- studied Rebecca Minkoff. I am a self proclaimed Minkette.

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