Battle of the Dancing Fashion Advertisements

Two ads have appeared this season featuring high fashion brands Chanel and Lanvin.

Chanel- Shade Parade (Fall 2011)

Lanvin (Fall 2011)

Ok, so now you’ve seen the two of the most amusing online fashion ads so far this season.

Ask yourself the following:

  • Which really embodies the brand?
  • Which is more amusing to watch?
  • Which would you recommend to a fashion loving friend to watch?
  • Which brand would you now rather purchase?

4 thoughts on “Battle of the Dancing Fashion Advertisements

  1. Well, I’ve got to say, I definitely prefer the Chanel ad over the Lanvin. The music is catchy and familiar (without being one of the few songs seared in our brains after the past year and a half of over-exposure), and I was drawn in for what was a longer ad. Plus, the “budget” nature of it worked with the concept – it was adorable and had me scanning the “credits” at the end for my favorite shades’ names.

    The Lanvin, on the other hand, felt budget and half-assed, instead of just being kicky and fun. Plus, there’s one outfit at the beginning where the model is wearing a black opera glove and holding a black clutch – with the movement and quick shots it honestly took me most of the commercial to realize she wasn’t, in fact, wearing an enormous lobster claw on one hand (seriously). The fact that trying to figure THAT out kept me more engaged than the actual commercial was disappointing.

    I do envy the cape, though. So, it had that going for it.

    1. Thanks for your insightful comment! I agree that the song choice for the Chanel ad is much better. While the Lanvin one is funny, Chanel was much more clever with both concept and execution.

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