Polyvore Introduces The Mini Editor… and a Chance to Win $1,000!

Polyvore, a social shopping site for digital collage enthusiasts, just introduced The Mini Editor. If we haven’t met, you probably haven’t heard me talk about this site yet, so first, let me explain what it is. Based in Mountain View, California, Polyvore is a “virtual styling” website that claims to have over 6 million users who’ve created more than 20 million fashion sets (and I believe it!). Every time I log in, I see the top trending sets others have made, works that my contacts have created, and new items from brands of all price points (from Target to Ralph Lauren).

So now, what’s The Mini Editor? It’s a new tool that Polyvore just introduced, that lets you create sets right here on my blog using some of my favorite items.

Even cooler? You have a chance to win $1,000 towards your fall wardrobe (thanks, Visa!) by entering the Fall Wardrobe Styling Challenge. Just create a set on here and you’re entered. Here are the official rules about how we’ll help each other out.

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