ModCloth: A Very Social Indie E-Retailer

If you haven’t heard of ModCloth yet, know this, they’re one of a kind!

Why? Well, not only does the e-retail site feature both vintage and vintage inspired (aka indie) clothing, shoes, accessories and apartment finds, don’t forget to check out the blog before leaving. More than 20 fashion bloggers contribute to the ModCloth blog, discussing everything from ModCloth news to ModMusic. I also like how a new blogger of the moment is featured seemingly every few days, which includes an interview about his/her style and personality.

In addition to incorporating outside style bloggers, this company is very social. Already, I’ve seen ModCloth on Facebook, Kaboodle, MySpace, Twitter, and (personal favorite) Polyvore. On each of these sites, ModCloth brings something unique to the table. For example, right now there are a few weekly Twitter contests, including the Thursday “I Spy” game. This game is especially smart because it gets followers to not only check out the website for the right answer, but also engage with the brand in a creative way.

But want to really engage fans of your brand? Throw a party.

Earlier this week, ModCloth took the social offline as well, with their “Behind the Scenes” party to celebrate their move to San Francisco. Between meeting a good amount of the ModCloth staff, including Chief Creative Officer, Co-Founder Susan Gregg Koger (she’s on the right), and enjoying a fun atmosphere complete with a great DJ and open bar, I had a blast!


True to ModCloth style, there were also two contests at the event. One, called “Be the Buyer”, let party goers choose from the six garments to pick or skip. The piece with enough votes, will be produced and sold exclusively on


The second contest, called “Name It and Win It” invited us to choose the final name of this dress. In the first round, ModCloth customers were asked (by way of blog) to name the dress. After hundreds of suggested names were sorted through, the favorite four were selected my the team for us to choose from.

The last contest, well more of a dance off really, happened later in the evening after the drinks kicked in. Let’s just say, Michael Jackson was involved, and no, there aren’t any pictures.

Anyway, this is one company to watch. I’m curious to see just how the company will use its new funding of $19.8 million.  In the meantime, welcome to San Francisco, ModCloth!

*Click here for the rest of my pictures from the event!

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