Cinematic Fashion: Across the Universe

By Caroline Elizabeth, Women’s Style Editor

The 2007 flick “Across the Universe” is definitely known more for its music than it’s costumes. The movie uses covers of songs by The Beatles to create a storyline for each new scene, as well as naming its characters- Lucy, Jude and Prudence- after the beloved bands’ tunes. However, it is hard not to notice the wonderfully fun hippie clothing that is vital in helping to tell the original story based in the 60’s and early 70s. The costumes sure caught my eye, especially those worn by the leading female, Lucy.

Lucy, played by the lovely Evan Rachel Wood, begins as a suburban, girl-next-door kind of character with cute but very quaint 1960’s clothing. That is, until she meets Jim Sturgess’ character Jude and she moves to New York City with him to work on a political anti-Vietnam movement. I really admired her style as she moved to New York and time (and the film’s fashion) morphed from the late 60’s and early 70’s. Her style becomes looser and more carefree, reflecting the “all you need is love” sentiment that many other young people were feeling of the time.

My favorite look of Lucy’s is during the scene when Doctor Robert, played by Bono, takes Lucy and her friends on a journey on his ‘magical’ bus, where they end up laying in a circle in a field. Her pale floral blouse with floral appliques with her cropped lace tank top underneath is the perfect combination that says “flower child”, but in a gentle, feminine way.

When looking to Lucy’s hippie style for inspiration, refrain from actual flowers, fringe, feathers, braids and headbands. A gentler approach to this counter-culture look with earth tones, lace, and pale florals as seen in the film is a simply more modern way to go.


Start with a lace crop top of your choice, and add a sheer, thrifted floral blouse over it. Since it’s summer, get some colored denim shorts in medium-colored earth tones. (I always liked to avoid light-colored shorts in case I end up lying in the grass like Lucy!) Add a neutral clutch in a leather for a modern twist that still looks a bit vintage. If you’re going to add a pop of color, do so when it comes to your shoes. I recommend strappy wedge sandals in green or purple. Finally, some interesting round shades are a fun touch and needed for any flower child that plans to spend the afternoon in the sun.

Cinematic Fashion Inspiration: Alice in Wonderland

By Caroline Elizabeth, Women’s Style Editor

The wonderful thing about Director Tim Burton is that he never compromises his imaginative, unique and often dark artistic vision, while creating movie after movie that become blockbusters or blockbuster cult favorites among millions of fans.

I remember the general anticipation surrounding the 2010 Burton movie “Alice In Wonderland”, and it lived up to my expectations in terms of not only how the story was played out, but also the over all design. The Academy Award-wining costumes were created by the talented Costume Designer Colleen Atwood and while I loved them all, I will focus on Alice played by Mia Wasikowska and the costumes she wore.

Alice starts off as a ladylike, proper Victorian girl with beautiful dresses, but I love how her main blue dress is believably transformed throughout the film. When she eats a cake that says “eat me”, she grows in size and her dress becomes ruffly, off-shoulder, and draped. At this point she looks messy in a glamorous way.

When Alice drinks the bottle that says “drink me” and shrinks, she takes some fabric and wraps it around herself to create a strapless outfit with a big flowery bow on the front.

When studying Alice’s different looks in the film for inspiration, I selected a few different options to go with, but all feminine and floaty dresses in various shades of blue. I chose two options for one-shoulder dresses, one with intricate details, and one with loose, billowy sleeves. Adding light pink or brown shoes that are a bit Victorian-inspired with lace or bow embellishments work well with this look. And though Alice is young, you might want to look at heels or wedges to avoid looking too youthful.


To me, pouch-style bags always suggest exploration, and Alice is certainly the adventurous type, so be sure to add one to your outfit. Last, is a clock pendant. Though Alice certainly doesn’t check the time frequently like the White Rabbit, adding this little detail is reminiscent of this part of the story’s theme.

Cinematic Fashion Inspiration: My Fair Lady

By Caroline Elizabeth, Women’s Style Editor

Though the 1964 film “My Fair Lady” starring Audrey Hepburn as Eliza Doolittle has several memorable fashion moments, my favorite is the Ascot Racecourse scene when the entire crowd is outfitted in to-die-for black and white outfits.

In fact, this is one of my all-time favorite fashion in film moments and just goes to show how important costumes are to the overall mood and story of a movie. In this scene, Audrey herself is outfitted in a white lace dress with black and white striped trim and a hat so big, I don’t know how she can balance it on her head!

Now, you don’t have to go directly to lace and feathers (or a giant hat) when planning your own look, but you can certainly do so if you’re feeling gutsy. Just remember that black and white is the key! I created two very different outfits to work off of for your own unique look. The first is a striped dress and matching accessories for a daytime, semi-formal event, and the second is a more casual evening or night out on the town with a striped blazer as the staple piece.

My Fair Lady

Making a statement with your look is fun, and so is going over the top, as long as you feel comfortable and confident. However, please remember to substitute Audrey’s lace parasol for a modern black or white clutch, and if you decide to don a fabulous hat take it down a few notches in size! Now, I can only dream that you will be surrounded by others adorned only in black and white, but you will just have to leave that part up to the imagination.

Cinematic Fashion Inspiration: June Carter

By Caroline Elizabeth, Women’s Style Editor

Reese Witherspoon’s sweet, talented, and stylish portrayal of June Carter makes it easy to see how she won the affection of Johnny Cash, played by Joaquin Phoenix in the Cash biopic “Walk the Line”.

When June and Johnny first meet in the 1950’s in the film, I was instantly drawn to June’s simple but feminine look, complete with a floral dress, a pair of kitten heels, and bouncy curls.

It’s important to add your own touches to this sort of ensemble unless you’re like me and don’t mind looking like you’ve walked out of a year 60 years prior to the current day.

walk the line 1950's

I suggest adding sleek, modern sunglasses, a big slouchy bag, and a bold belt to your 50’s-style dress. Don’t go overboard on the accessories, but do add some to keep it fresh. This look is perfect for any summer day’s occasion, from a picnic, to a wedding, to a stroll in the park.

As the film moves through Cash’s life and his relationship with June, we see the fashion change from the 50’s to the 60’s, and June’s look becomes sleeker with the times. Her hair is not only straighter and longer, but her dresses are less full too.

june carter 2

You can achieve this look with a hair straightener of course, and a more fitted, still feminine dress in a paisley print. Accessorize it with glamorous, fun earrings bracelets. I’d also suggest adding a pair of strappy heeled sandals to modernize the look.

Your new look inspired by June gives you the perfect excuse to throw your friends an outdoor, summertime tea party Nashville style, and play a little Cash in the background.

Cinematic Fashion Inspiration: Sloane Peterson

By Caroline Elizabeth, Women’s Style Editor

I’m excited to combine two of my favorite things in this column I’m guest blogging for this summer, fashion and movies. Because I’m a big fan of period films, some outfit inspirations will be much less literal, but I’ll start with one that is.

I chose to begin with a film I was introduced to (by Ashley) many years ago, “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off“. This classic John Hughes film has the adventure, the hilarity, the music, the and the endearment that make it one of my all-time favorites. Importantly,there are also some unforgettable fashion moments.

The young Matthew Broderick’s character Ferris somehow forever seems undeniably cool in a cheetah print. His best friend Cameron Crowe, played by Alan Ruck, is like Ferris’ polar opposite, seen in a graphic t-shirt with suspenders and a simple sports jersey topped off with a kooky plaid hat.

Meanwhile Ferris’ girlfriend Sloane Peterson, played by Mia Sara, is the character with the most classic style, making her the perfect balance as the class clown’s love interest. In fact, her outfit throughout the film really only screams 80’s to me because of the shoulder pads and oversized shorts, but you can easily take the glamour of her key pieces and make the look more timeless.

Sloane Peterson

The key to Sloane’s iconic look is her white leather fringe jacket. If you’re going to take any inspiration at all from this film, this should be it because it’s a simply fabulous piece. You can find a similar leather jacket in your local consignment stores, or used online, because while it’s unique, it’s not impossible to find. Keep the rest of your look a bit 80’s but updated.

Other elements include:

  • A pair of belted, high-waisted shorts like Sloane’s are very of-the-moment if they rise high enough on your thigh and are paired with a crop-top such as this one from Tobi in blue denim.
  • While Sloane wore thigh-high white scrunched leather boots, I thought these shorter, heeled white snakeskin booties by Nelly would give the look more sass and add a few-less inches of leather.
  • I also suggest a small, round crossbody purse for easy wear when out and about.
  • Lastly, don’t forget your Ray Bans!

While I am usually all for color, I kept this ensemble more neutral because I wanted the focus to be on the white jacket, the statement piece.

Now, where to wear this head-turning ensemble? To me it screams music festival- perfect for a hot day with a cooler night. Wherever you chose to show off your Sloane-inspired look, stay fashionable and save Ferris.

Etsy Find: Twitter Inspired Heels

My friend Ashley LaFerriere just got engaged. Among the many social media themed wedding finds I’ve thrown her way lately, here’s one more- “something blue” Twitter themed heels. These $225 shoes are hand painted by Nora Karen, a designer located in Boca Raton, Florida.

What can I say? These are stylish without fail.