Cinematic Fashion Inspiration: Sloane Peterson

By Caroline Elizabeth, Women’s Style Editor

I’m excited to combine two of my favorite things in this column I’m guest blogging for this summer, fashion and movies. Because I’m a big fan of period films, some outfit inspirations will be much less literal, but I’ll start with one that is.

I chose to begin with a film I was introduced to (by Ashley) many years ago, “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off“. This classic John Hughes film has the adventure, the hilarity, the music, the and the endearment that make it one of my all-time favorites. Importantly,there are also some unforgettable fashion moments.

The young Matthew Broderick’s character Ferris somehow forever seems undeniably cool in a cheetah print. His best friend Cameron Crowe, played by Alan Ruck, is like Ferris’ polar opposite, seen in a graphic t-shirt with suspenders and a simple sports jersey topped off with a kooky plaid hat.

Meanwhile Ferris’ girlfriend Sloane Peterson, played by Mia Sara, is the character with the most classic style, making her the perfect balance as the class clown’s love interest. In fact, her outfit throughout the film really only screams 80’s to me because of the shoulder pads and oversized shorts, but you can easily take the glamour of her key pieces and make the look more timeless.

Sloane Peterson

The key to Sloane’s iconic look is her white leather fringe jacket. If you’re going to take any inspiration at all from this film, this should be it because it’s a simply fabulous piece. You can find a similar leather jacket in your local consignment stores, or used online, because while it’s unique, it’s not impossible to find. Keep the rest of your look a bit 80’s but updated.

Other elements include:

  • A pair of belted, high-waisted shorts like Sloane’s are very of-the-moment if they rise high enough on your thigh and are paired with a crop-top such as this one from Tobi in blue denim.
  • While Sloane wore thigh-high white scrunched leather boots, I thought these shorter, heeled white snakeskin booties by Nelly would give the look more sass and add a few-less inches of leather.
  • I also suggest a small, round crossbody purse for easy wear when out and about.
  • Lastly, don’t forget your Ray Bans!

While I am usually all for color, I kept this ensemble more neutral because I wanted the focus to be on the white jacket, the statement piece.

Now, where to wear this head-turning ensemble? To me it screams music festival- perfect for a hot day with a cooler night. Wherever you chose to show off your Sloane-inspired look, stay fashionable and save Ferris.

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