Cinematic Fashion: Across the Universe

By Caroline Elizabeth, Women’s Style Editor

The 2007 flick “Across the Universe” is definitely known more for its music than it’s costumes. The movie uses covers of songs by The Beatles to create a storyline for each new scene, as well as naming its characters- Lucy, Jude and Prudence- after the beloved bands’ tunes. However, it is hard not to notice the wonderfully fun hippie clothing that is vital in helping to tell the original story based in the 60’s and early 70s. The costumes sure caught my eye, especially those worn by the leading female, Lucy.

Lucy, played by the lovely Evan Rachel Wood, begins as a suburban, girl-next-door kind of character with cute but very quaint 1960’s clothing. That is, until she meets Jim Sturgess’ character Jude and she moves to New York City with him to work on a political anti-Vietnam movement. I really admired her style as she moved to New York and time (and the film’s fashion) morphed from the late 60’s and early 70’s. Her style becomes looser and more carefree, reflecting the “all you need is love” sentiment that many other young people were feeling of the time.

My favorite look of Lucy’s is during the scene when Doctor Robert, played by Bono, takes Lucy and her friends on a journey on his ‘magical’ bus, where they end up laying in a circle in a field. Her pale floral blouse with floral appliques with her cropped lace tank top underneath is the perfect combination that says “flower child”, but in a gentle, feminine way.

When looking to Lucy’s hippie style for inspiration, refrain from actual flowers, fringe, feathers, braids and headbands. A gentler approach to this counter-culture look with earth tones, lace, and pale florals as seen in the film is a simply more modern way to go.


Start with a lace crop top of your choice, and add a sheer, thrifted floral blouse over it. Since it’s summer, get some colored denim shorts in medium-colored earth tones. (I always liked to avoid light-colored shorts in case I end up lying in the grass like Lucy!) Add a neutral clutch in a leather for a modern twist that still looks a bit vintage. If you’re going to add a pop of color, do so when it comes to your shoes. I recommend strappy wedge sandals in green or purple. Finally, some interesting round shades are a fun touch and needed for any flower child that plans to spend the afternoon in the sun.