Love fashion and tech? Then you’ve arrived at the perfect blog. The Pretty Innovative team covers all things related to “geek chic”, from wearable technology, to social shopping, to what’s hot in social media, as well as giving uniquely inspired style advice for both men and women.


Ashley Laurel, Founder and Editor

I’m writing from San Francisco, California where I’m constantly surrounded by innovation. Look for posts related to all things fashion and technology, including event coverage, wearablesstartups, mobile apps, virtual reality, ecommerce/social shopping, and social media strategies as used by fashion brands. I also offer the social media tips and tricks in the Social Media Guide.


Caroline Elizabeth, Women’s Style Editor

As a prospective costume designer, I’m writing to you this summer from beautiful Westport, Connecticut where I’m currently the wardrobe intern in the Joanne Woodward Internship Program position at the prestigious and historical Westport Country Playhouse. Look for bi-weekly how-to guides from me on re-creating looks from your favorite movies and tv shows, or how to take inspiration from the more dramatic ensembles, like costumes from theatre, for your everyday looks.

Where you’ve seen my work- I was recently featured on Pretty Innovative because of my latest academic design project, my light-up dress.


Vanessa Lynn, Men’s Style Editor

As a future menswear designer, I’ll be writing to you this summer from the modish college city of Madison, WI, where I’m currently studying. I am extremely passionate about menswear, music, and how they play off of each other. So for this summer you can look for my posts every week about how to take inspiration from iconic musicians and translate them into your own wardrobe.

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