Tim Gunn Turns Social (Media) Butterfly

Anyone else out there miss Tim Gunn as the Project Runway mentor while watching the All Stars show? I know I did! I’m glad Tim isn’t laying low though because I really like his fashion sensibility, not to mention Tim Gunn-isms (remember “circuitous”?). Tim has been busy lately and, among other things, is currently the Chief Creative Officer of Liz Claiborne.

Tim recently took part in his first ever Facebook and Twitter Q&A session and my guess is that he ramped up his social media activity because of his trip to the Bay Area this week, the current heart of social media startups, where he will be hosting a fashion show on Saturday.

Questions during the Q&A ranged from things like looking slimmer to comfortable shoes for women other than sneakers, and Tim offered style advice to audiences both mediums.

To create this online forum across multiple sites, Tim (and most likely a team) added the WhoSay App- part of the WhoSay site, exclusive to celebrities- to the Tim Gunn Facebook page. Response volume was split pretty evenly between the audience of each medium, but in the future it may be easier for Tim to dedicate time to one medium or the other so as not to confuse people as to how they can interact with him best.


Even if Tim isn’t a social media guru yet, he is certainly a style guru. For anyone free this Saturday afternoon, head over to the Stanford Shopping Mall to see Tim Gunn host a live fashion show at 1 pm. Personally, I’m hoping to run into him in downtown San Francisco this weekend. Just in case? I’m brushing up on my vocabulary flash cards from my English class during sophomore year of high school.

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