Content Curation Taken to a New Level with

Many of us are obsessed with creating inspiration boards over on Pinterest these days. However, what about those of us who want a little something more? Meet, a site that lets you post links to content you like, not just share pretty images.

As I’ve said to many of my friends, the problem that I have with Pinterest is that I have a hard time trying to find the sources for images. It can be very challenging and what I’m left with is a smattering of pretty pictures (which is a good feature for some of my projects). With, I don’t have to do guesswork when I want to do more research (which I usually do). When I look at a page on full of images, there’s also content there, including the links to the original sources.

Also, actual information is easy to find, and weed through. While Pinterest lets you subscribe to specific people, puts the focus on opting into collections related to topic areas of interest to you. And call me Type A, but I love a little organization on the social web. Finally!

Now I have a place where I can store links to all of my favorite articles from around the web, and the world, and it’s pretty.

9 thoughts on “Content Curation Taken to a New Level with

  1. I have become a great fan of Snipit. I still pin, however, I look to Snipit for ideas, which is very different than Pinterest. At Snipit, I feel I am in a community of people who swim in ideas, culture and style. I think Pinterest will slowly become the next MySpace, because of its lack control or an idea. In some respects, it reminds me of a big consumerism machine. Given what is happening to the earth and the economy, it seems ironic that an “I WANT!” venue is not seen for the contradiction that it is.

  2. I’m a big fan of Snipit. I still pin occasionally, however, I look to Snipit for ideas, something that Pinterest pinners seem uninterested in. I can check in at Snipit in the morning and before I go to work, i know most of the hot issues and the flow of what’s going on from all over the world. It is the only single resource I can go to do that and also enjoy a great graphic interface. I feel like I this is the thing I was waiting for. I really like it.

    1. Jan, I agree with you about the graphic interface. Some sites are filled with images and some sites are filled with text. offers a good balance between the two.

  3. I’m a fan. Pinterest is limited to visuals only. So I don’t do much with it, unless I find an image I like. But, there are so many other options to Pinterest, like and Tumblr – both of those let you add more, if you want to.

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