3 Cool Techie Rings

Between my boyfriend’s new Gear Ring (that I’m obsessed with) and my friend Bryan asking me for wedding band suggestions, I decided to do a post with the coolest techie rings I could find.

Source: Kinekt Design

Gear Ring

Price: $165

The ring, created by Kinekt Design, is made from stainless steel and when you move it, the gears can glide forwards and backwards all the way around. I love how intricate this ring is, without being gaudy. *Bryan, apparently many people have considering using this as a wedding band. See the post on Fashionably Geek here.

Source: http://rachelpfeffer.bigcartel.com
Source: Etsy

Missing Pie Piece with Black Onyx Rings

Price: $124

The silver pie piece is made from a flattened coin from the 1940s.  Love the retro piece Rachel Pfeffer incorporated into her design!

Silver Steampunk Ring

Price: $48

Having been a big fan of steampunk for a few years now, I have to say that I have a ring similar to this, with moveable watch gears. This ring, made by LondonsGate, is prettier than mine though due to the detailing on the band.

If you’re more of a watch fan, check out the post I wrote in 2009 with some of my favorites or the watch idea I suggested to gift your Valentine with that year.

But tell me this, which one of these rings might you actually wear?

4 thoughts on “3 Cool Techie Rings

  1. These rings are so intricate. I’m really drawn to the third one by LondonsGate the details are done beautifully and it is so unique, it would be a conversation starter for sure. It’s so cool that the first ring moves along the actual gears. I can totally see it working as a wedding band. Great post!

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