Techie Time Pieces

For someone who relies on her cell phone for the time, the high tech intricacy and innovative style of these watches leaves me in awe. Check out the list below to see what I mean!

O-Ring Digi by Philippe Starck for Fossil

Price Point: $110
Why It’s Hot: Hours are shown by small numbers that appears around the o-ring, while minutes fill up the space in blocks. For those that appreciate sleekness, this minimalist watch is perfect. And, it’s only available in simple black or white.

Platinum World Time by Patek Philippe
Price Point: Around $4 million
Why It’s Hot: Being in two places at once isn’t possible, but looking at this watch will make you feel like you can get anywhere you want in under a minute.

Opus 9 by Harry Winston

Price Point: Unlisted
Why It’s Hot: First of all, time is shown in a linear way. Secondly, two parallel chains of more than 30 baguette diamonds rotate past the lines of hours and minutes. And 6 garnets are strewn throughout the diamond chains so you can see what time it is by the placement of the garnets. Even hotter? Only 100 of these time pieces were made.
Dogne by Cognitime
Price Point: $839
Why It’s Hot: This watch, available in white, rose gold and silver satin, displays time in the figure of Infinity. The AM hours are represented within the top part of the sign and the PM hours are shown within the bottom part of the sign. Minutes are displayed within the ring surrounding the infinity sign. Cognitime has created a watch that’ll be cool pretty much forever.
Winch Vertical Tourbillon by Cabestan
Price Point: $275,000- $400,000
Why It’s Hot: This watch has 1,352 working parts. Designed by Jean-Francois Ruchonnet, hours, minutes, seconds or how much power is left in the watch are all visible on individual aluminum-engraved “drums”. All watches, available gold or nickel plated, boast two crystals, indicating the exact time so you don’t get confused by this crazy watch “face”.
Ok, so which one do you think is the most innovative?

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