Three Creative Ways Twitter and Fashion Mix “Offline”

Having a shirt from the Twitter office is pretty cool. But now it might be fun to step it up a notch and involve Twitter further in my wardrobe. Here are three pretty cool options:

The Twitter handle necklace

I ordered one of these for my friend’s graduation and she loved it. Customers have the option of buying a silver or gold necklace, custom made, to reflect their Twitter handle (or hashtag of choice).

Source: Survival of the Hippest

The Twitter dress

Just  this summer, Microsoft Research introduced a dress that displays tweets. How does it work? By way four Lilypad Arduinos, a laptop, a projector, and a Processing sketch. Interestingly, the dress is mainly made out of paper; a nice juxtaposition to the digital words that flit across the skirt. Check out Electricfoxy’s interview with Asta Roseway for more details!


The Tweet Mirror

If you’re not sure if you look good in a particular outfit, and need instant feedback, check out the Tweet Mirror, by Netherlands-based Nedap Retail. All you have to do is stand in front of the mirror in an outfit you’re deciding on and take a picture. The photo will be sent to friends on Twitter and answers will be received by cell phone. Last year, this invention was awarded a retail technology prize.

Source: DailyDOOH

Needless to say, Twitter is becoming more ingrained in the fashion industry “offline”. What do you hope to see next?

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