My Introduction to Christian Siriano’s Closet

For all the complaining I’ve been doing about Facebook lately, I was pretty excited when this targeted ad showed up alongside my Facebook news feed a few days ago (was it my Project Runway mention in my profile perhaps?)!

It’s my all time favorite ad so far because a) I love Christian and b) I love’s “Closet Confessions” idea. The social shopping site, founded in 1988, sponsored Project Runway, so it’s only fair that the designers pay their respects.

Bluefly’s confession series also highlights other big names, but I’m sticking with Siriano as my favorite for now. Check out Siriano’s closet here. Though I’m not so sure about Siriano’s “gold moment”,  I can forgive, and it was pretty fun to learn more about his personal style.

Now, if only I could get my hands on an outfit from his first collection…

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