HP’s "Let’s Do Amazing" Campaign Taps Famed Photographer Annie Leibovitz

If you haven’t been on Hewlett-Packard’s Facebook page or viewed their YouTube channel recently, then you may not have caught the latest addition to their unaired “Let’s Do Amazing” campaign. On March 11th, the campaign began, as Rhys Darby of Flight of the Concords began his quest for amazing ways people are using HP products around the world.

The newest video features famed photographer (and photographer of my all-time favorite Vogue spread: Alice in Wonderland) Annie Leibovitz, using HP’s DreamColor printer.

So how did the portrait photographer end up in a printer ad? Some say financial issues, but I’m not judging. I just like that the is something a little different, and those from the fashion world get to enjoy seeing Annie in front of the camera lens for a change.

Dr. Dre and UPS also make appearances.

As far as the strength of the overall campaign? You tell me.

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