Mobile Marketing Remains in Fashion

From Chanel to H&M, some of the most high profile fashion labels have turned to mobile marketing as a creative (and tech savvy) way to reach consumers. These brands are using mobile marketing for text, banner and video ads, which include promotional content focused on brand awareness, upcoming sales and other events. And so far, the smartphone using population of the 156 million Americans with a mobile device are being heavily targeted- especially those owning iPhones.

*(Image edited by Meg O’Connell)

While Armani Exchange, Chloe, H&M, Christian Dior, and Chanel have been testing out their marketing skills on the mobile platform, Donna Karan is so far the brand that’s decided to just get personal, by recently launching an iPhone app that really lets users feel they’re connecting directly with Karan.

According to, along with The Media Kitchen and ad network AdMob, Armani Exchange launched its first mobile campaign to promote their spring 2009 collection. The focal point of the campaign was the tagline “Instant Message. Instant Style”. This campaign, promoted on Exchange shopping bags, let customers text a keyword to a short code for a chance to win a shopping spree.

Chloe launched an iPhone friendly website and free app which featured viewing options for ready-to-wear collections and accessories, and runway show video. iPhone using fashionistas could also gain access to a Chloe news feed and store directory.

While some fashion brands are just beginning to use mobile marketing, H&M has been at the forefront of this promotional wave since 2006. Their 2007 campaign, conceived by Miami Ad School, let smartphone users purchase H&M items through their phones, with H&M charging their cell phone bill instead of credit card.

Even haute couture fashion houses Christian Dior and Chanel have been recently getting in on the the fun. Dior was the first haute couture brand to jump into mobile marketing, in promotion of their Lady Dior handbag. iPhone user Dior fans are able to watch the trailer, entire movie and behind the scenes clips of the Lady Dior handbag inspired retro suspense movie “The Lady Noir Affair”.

“Luxury brands, particularly designer labels, have been earlier than some of their more mainstream retail counterparts to embrace the mobile channel,” said Mack McKelvey, vice president of marketing for Millennial Media, Baltimore, MD. “There is a world of opportunity in mobile for fashion and other luxury brands, as they are focused on appealing to consumers on an individual level.”

Chanel, who first made a leap into mobile marketing, by creating an app called “Chanel- Haute Couture Show Fall/Winter 08/09”, recently launched yet another iPhone app called “The Chanel Ready-to-Wear Cruise 2009-2010”, where iPhone users can gain access to news about the brand, find a boutique near them and view the Chanel fashion show right from their mobile screen.

But the most personal fashion branding done on the mobile platform to date has been that of the Donna Karan label. The Donna Karan brand gets especially personal with options for iPhone users to access the newly released Donna Karan application on August 7th.

The app features “Donna’s Journal” (where content is added weekly), “Donna’s Must-Haves”. According to a press release released by Donna Karan earlier this month, this application is pretty innovative because it showcases Donna Karan explaining how to use clothes in versatile ways in a video called “System of Dressing”, lets app users to create an item wish list and forward this list to a personal shopper.

Donna Karan partnered with Atmini Software Inc. to launch the application just in time to go with her Fall 2009 collection. This free app has been available since August 7th.



“The design method applied to the iPhone application was to truly allow Donna Karan to connect with her clients in as personal a way as possible,” said Scott Michaels, Atimi Vice President, said.

Fashion is helping keep the iPhone seriously fierce.


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