Cinematic Fashion: Restless

By Caroline Elizabeth, Women’s Style Editor

The 2011 indie flick “Restless” is an endearing movie about youth, life, death, and love that’s meaning will long stay with you after you watch it. Brilliant Mia Wasikowska (who played Alice in Tim Burton’s rendition of “Alice in Wonderland”), stars as Annabel Cotton alongside her quirky love interest Enoch Brae, played by Henry Hopper.

the unique way Mia’s character, Annabel Cotton, looks at life in this film is unexpected, while her style is much more predictable.

Her looks are typically inspired by menswear, but she puts a feminine spin on them.

Annabel’s wardrobe consists of many stripes and plaids. She wears many neutral looks with a pop of red or orange in one eye-catching piece like a jacket or accessory. She knows how to get the vintage look in a unique way that makes her stand out.

When putting together looks, I made them more season-appropriate because much of the movie takes place during fall and winter months. I created two outfits. One is slightly more formal and the other more appropriate for a more casual event.

For an event that requires a bit of dressing up, start with an interesting multi-colored plaid dress and layer a bright plaid blazer over it. A black straw bowler and two-tone kitten heels are totally Annabel and totally adorable. Add a satchel or structured cross body bag, perhaps one with a print or picture, and personalize it with pins.

For my second look, I took a risk mixing some black and brown which isn’t something I normally do. A pair of burnt orange high-waisted shorts with a cropped leopard jacket over a longer sleeved peter-pan colored shirt take inspiration from Annabel’s menswear vibe. A tan bowler hat with brown oxfords and a multi-colored messenger bag will have you ready for work, class, shopping, sightseeing, or whatever your day has in store. Don’t forget to add a couple of accessories like a bird ring (Annabel loves birds) or pendant.