Cinematic Fashion: 500 Days of Summer

By Caroline Elizabeth, Women’s Fashion Editor

In the film “500 Days of Summer”, Zooey Deschanel has a role as a heartbreaker who you either love to hate or hate to love. Her character of Summer meets fellow employee Tom, played by Joseph Gordon Levitt, through their jobs at a greeting card company. Their relationship was doomed from the start when Summer first told Tom she wasn’t looking for a relationship and didn’t believe in love. The film chronicles the 500 days of their relationship through Tom’s eyes.

Though it’s hard to love the character of Summer, her wardrobe is something you simply can’t help but adore. Her feminine style includes florals, bows, and often the color blue. Blue matches the actress’s famously vibrant eyes and appears to be the character’s favorite color, or perhaps even represents the blue mood she puts Tom in.

As a woman around her late twenties/early thirties, Summer has a style that is cute but still mature. Her character has youthful interests but a grown up outlook on life, and she easily finds this balance in her clothing that looks effortless. Summer also always has a somewhat vintage flair to her looks, especially drawing from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s, but her clothing is still modern and very stylish. It’s important to find this balance when you’re using her wardrobe for your own looks.

When shopping for your Summer iinspired look, first of all remember blue. Perhaps a dainty blue floral dress will be perfect for an outdoor company luncheon or some shopping downtown with a friend. A simple blue shirtdress can go from work to a party, as could a blue peter-pan collared shirt and high-waisted shorts if you throw on the right stockings and shoes to transition from day to night.

Accessorize with feminine and dainty vintage-inspired accessories like a pair of two-tone flats or oxfords, a bow headband, or a cute pair of heart sunglasses. For a bag I’d recommend an adorable woven basket purse or a buckle satchel to carry all of your items needed your usual day, with perhaps extra things to help your day to night transition. Always add your own personal touch to your look whether it be in a clothing piece or accessory, a beauty product, or a hairstyle. Have fun with it!

500 days of summer

Joe Browns vintage style dress, $31 / Dorothy Perkins cotton dress, $61 / A|Wear embroidery shirt, $12 / Motel / Luella scalloped shorts, $51 / Fendi ballerina shoes / Wingtip shoes, $30 / Felix Rey straw clutch / Shoulder handbag / Victoria Beckham sunglasses / Dorothy Perkins white heart sunglasses, $7.77 / Forever 21 hair accessory

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