DIY Glitter iPhone Case

Because my beloved J.Crew glitter iPhone case was in tatters and glitter was coming off everywhere, I decided to do a little craft project to give it a much needed makeover.

J.Crew iPhone case before project
Step 1: Shred iPhone case of fishnet layer
Step 2: Paint two coats of acrylic paint onto case and let dry for at least 1.5 hours.
Step 3: Layer a thin coat of glue intermixed with glitter and let dry for at least 20 minutes.
Steps 4 & 5: After you’re satisfied with your glitter application, touch up sides with paint to cover any excess glitter. Finally, apply one top coat of sealant to keep the glitter and paint in place.

Now, not only is your iPhone looking sharp, but the glitter won’t end up all over your hands and face when you go to use your phone.

I’m calling my iPhone’s new look “The Sparkler”  in honor of July 4th. Happy Independence Day, everyone!

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