Three Unique Features of Online Fashion Marketplace

Imagine that you’re walking down the street looking into the high-end shops of Luxembourg and you happen to stumble across one that has just the aesthetic and clothing brands you’re looking for. You peruse the boutique and then twenty minutes later, after you’ve taken in the fashion, the people, and the music, you’re out the door with shopping bag in hand. Next stop, Monaco.

Normally this could take at least all day, but, a four-year-old fashion marketplace with more than 1,000 high-end fashion labels, lets users take this shopping trip in the matter of seconds.

If that’s not enough to get you ready to finally look for “that perfect white dress” or “a leather jacket that doesn’t like like the one everyone owns”, here are three ways the site differs from other online shopping destinations:

Boutique Shopping

Unlike other online retailers that let users search for wardrobe finds by the usual means, like size and brand, also offers a boutique search capability. The boutiques section of the site, organized by location, houses the list of locations where products featured on the site are originally found. And, each boutique is introduced by location, date founded, brands to look for,  a photo of the interior, and the company’s history. It’s nice to see a little bit of the store’s history and personality without having to physically enter the store.

Suggestion: Include more photos from each boutique.

The Infusion of Music

By visiting the Projects section of, users are able to experience the musical stylings of artists featured in online music popup shops and fashion films with memorable tunes. What does music have to do with fashion? Fashion shows feature music. Boutiques feature music. Basically, any live fashion experience wouldn’t be complete without it.

Suggestion: feature the same tracks played for shoppers who visit each boutique’s physical location for online shoppers visit the boutiques’ pages on

Global Style Trends

Beyond knowing what’s inside each boutique, also shows users styles trending globally. Posts feature everything from color trends to the site’s hottest selling products through both editorial posts from the team and guest bloggers.

Though I have a few minor suggestions for the site, overall’s clean, easy to navigate, site is a go-to destination for men and women interested in both contemporary and vintage clothing from retailers in some of the world’s most famous and up and coming fashion capitals. Just don’t forget to connect with the team on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest if you need a break from shopping. You won’t even need your passport.

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