Happy Birthday, Anna Wintour

I have more Vogue magazines than I know what to do with. The top shelf of my closet at my parent’s Connecticut home is sagging under 4+ years of my collection and my room at my San Francisco apartment has a stack that is ready to fall over.

Source: http://cexoxo.blogspot.com/

My love of Vogue started back in college when I first got interested in fashion- after a trip to see a Versace exhibit in London and a very small modeling stint back in Connecticut.

After my mom realized how excited I was about this industry she started letting me read her Vogue magazines… little aware that I was about to steal them to begin my collection.

Biography about Anna Wintour published in 2005

Anyway, not long after my collection started, so did my interest in Vogue’s driving force- the sunglasses wearing, Prada wearing “devil”, Editrix Anna Wintour. I become so passionate that one of my college friends dubbed me “Voguie”, and it’s a nickname that’s stuck to this day.

Personally, I still respected her after The Devil Wears Prada was published in 2003 and looked toward her with renewed interest (and coveted her job) in 2009 when she and Diane von Furstenburg created the famous Fashion’s Night Out.


I love that her reign over Vogue has spanned two generations of women in my family who have enjoyed the magazine. So a very happy birthday to my first inspiration in the fashion industry.

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