Project Runway Season 9 Premiere

Well the much talked about opener for Project Runway for Season 9 finally happened last night. And I have no shame in saying that I spent quite a few minutes watching old clips of Tim “Gunnisms” on YouTube today purely out of excitement.

Many of my friends were also excited, like Boston-based Brian Forte over at Please Welcome Your Judges, and Twitter friend Yuli Ziv of Style Coalition from New York City. In fact, in conjunction with HP, Style Coalition and hosted a special blogger event just for the occasion! While I wasn’t lucky enough to attend that event, and test out some fashion friendly HP products, I did watch the show from my couch in San Francisco (while doing some online window shopping on my iPad- hey, I can never get too much fashion and tech).


Now, onto the contestants. While David Chum, Becky Ross, and Olivier Green were my three favorites leading up to the show premiere, Bert really turned it out and deserved the win for the first challenge. He might be my new favorite? I’ll wait and see.

Already you can vote for your fan favorite on the Lifetime website, check out the official Project Runway blog, and blogs about this season from some former contestants (like Peach!). Also, you can view a real-time feed that shows what people are saying about each designer if you go to their bio pages.

Since the preview for the rest of the season looks particularly juicy, I can’t wait to watch the drama unfold both on TV and online.

In the meantime, happy birthday to Mr. Tim Gunn!!!

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