A visit to de Young’s exhibit, Balenciaga and Spain

On Saturday I spent a very rainy morning trekking over to de Young for a dose of Cristóbal Balenciaga’s haute couture work and I wasn’t disappointed (only about the fact that I missed Anna Wintour by mere hours). Check out pictures from the opening night on Vogue.com.

Image credit: Vogue.com

Balenciaga, dubbed “Fashion’s Picasso” by Cecil Beaton, has been known for such feats as getting women to stray away from wearing Dior’s new look (which popularized the hourglass shape) in the 1950s. Instead, Balenciaga created dresses with broader shoulders and less of a defined waist. Also during this era, he created voluminous jackets (like his 1957 cocoon coat) and skirts (specifically the balloon skirt, a style that became popular again just a few years back).

Image credit: StyleBistro.com

The Balenciaga exhibit clearly captured his work, showing a wide range of garments influenced by the likes of bull fighting, flamenco dancers, religion, and quite generally, all things Spain. Bold shapes and color combinations definitely made for an exciting roundup of looks. Of the 120 pieces on exhibit, the ones I liked the most were the flamenco inspired dresses. Don’t they just make you want to dance?

Image credits: Vogue.com and Grant K. Gibson

After the exhibit I popped into the cafe for lunch and enjoyed the Herb Roasted Wild Escolar with patatas bravas (basically, this means I had an amazing dish of fish over potatoes).

The exhibit, curated by Vogue’s Hamish Bowles, runs through July 4, 2011. Let me know your thoughts after you visit!

2 thoughts on “A visit to de Young’s exhibit, Balenciaga and Spain

  1. Thinking about how to comment here about my own experience is driving me to write a review of my own – will link back when I finish ^_^ I def. want to see the exhibit again in less crowded conditions and when I have more time to really digest it, as I saw it during the preview with all of the ‘Friday Nights’ at deYoung action going on. That lunch looks amazing btw!

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