Fashion and Technology, as Woven Together by Lynne Bruning

What do you do when you don’t have a television? Get productive! At least, that’s what Lynne Bruning, textile enchantress, does.
Bruning grew up surrounded by textile artists, and by second grade had completed her own weaving project, which her mother still proudly has saved. Through a myriad of neurophysiology and architectural studies in school, Bruning eventually returned to textile weaving.
Go back to what you liked what you liked when you were seven and go with that, Bruning says. You instinctively have it.
Bruning’s inspired by Russian constructivism, urban environments and the artists and engineers she seeks out to meet. She truly does like to be in the middle of everything, “weaving it together”.
Her popular Mrs. Mary Atkins-Holl dress, a combination of 19th century style with modern technology, was created for “Fused Textiles”, a wearable art competition. But Bruning is a big advocate for getting beyond making eye catching items, or “blinky blink”. She really loves to help others and sees wearable technology as a way to change the world for the better.
Her Sonar Coat for the Blind is fashionable, and more importantly to Bruning, lets wearers blend in to the community. And it’s adaptive technology that’s DIY-friendly.
Bruning’s commitment to Creative Commons lets anyone have access to her project details after they’re completed.
What’s next for Bruning?
“I have a dictionary of possibility to create,” she says.
Check out more of Lynne Bruning’s work on Flickr.

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