Wearable Tech Event: 5 Days Off

The Dutch Institute for Media and the 5 Days Off festival boasted a segment called “Wearable Technology- Powered Art and Fashion Design” from July 15th– 19th. Innovators Sabine Seymour, author of the book “Fashionable Technology” (which is a great read by the way!), Di Mainstone of Sharewear, Elena Corchero of Solar Vintage, Mauro Arrighi of DADAgear, and others, showed off their fashionably techie work. The work showcased the intersection of fashion and technology in terms of, as the event website says, “a vision for the future of our second skin, our clothes, a relevant element in our social life, in our communication and our interaction with others. This is achieved by the seamless incorporation of electronics in textiles”. 

Currently dying to attend an event like this.

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