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Cinematic Fashion: Midnight in Paris |

By Caroline Elizabeth, Women’s Style Editor

 Cinematic Fashion: Midnight in ParisCostume designer Sonia Grande was in charge of the costumes for Woody Allen’s Academy Award nominated film “Midnight in Paris”, and she especially did a brilliant job with the 1920’s character of Adriana played by Marion Cotillard. Present-day Gil, personified by Owen Wilson, is on his honeymoon in Paris when he gets transported back to what would be his ideal decade, the 20’s. As a writer, he is awestruck by famous literary figures and artists he meets (Fitzgerald’s, Picasso, Dali, Hemingway, Eliot, Matisse), along with their glamorous and unique lives that he becomes a small part of. Adriana, real life love interest of Hemingway, is especially inspiring and beautiful to Gil.

Adriana has many beautiful and romantic outfits in the film with beads, lace, and pretty trims that reflect how these adjectives can also be applied to herself as a character. She is not only an inspiring, exquisite being in the film, but is also exquisitely dressed.

 Cinematic Fashion: Midnight in Paris

I admire how Sonia Grande was able to capture the twenties in a way that was recognizable but new, as Adriana for example wears loose flapper dresses that are unique and interesting. My favorite outfit that Adriana wears is a crème dress that is covered in hundreds of strands of beads that sparkle in the light. These strands are loosely attached to the dress so that they and move when Adriana moves.
 Cinematic Fashion: Midnight in Paris

To get this muse’s look, first decide which kind of dress suits your occasion, something in a cotton or silk that can easily transition from day to night, something dark and mysterious, or something light and eye-catching? Then add a pair of t-strap sandals, perhaps with crystal detail or with a glossy finish. Don’t be afraid to really get the 20’s across with your outfit by adding a small hairclip or thin headband. As long as you keep this hair accessory tasteful, it will work beautifully with your look. Finally, a pouch-style bag, perhaps in a lovely tapestry print, evokes the romantic time period perfectly.

c600x500 Cinematic Fashion: Midnight in Paris

3 Responses to Cinematic Fashion: Midnight in Paris

  1. Fascinating article! Reading this, I feel like I am in Paris in the 1920′s!!

  2. That movie was so beautiful to look at from Paris to the fashions! Love the dresses you chose.

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