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Cinematic Fashion: My Fair Lady |

By Caroline Elizabeth, Women’s Style Editor

Though the 1964 film “My Fair Lady” starring Audrey Hepburn as Eliza Doolittle has several memorable fashion moments, my favorite is the Ascot Racecourse scene when the entire crowd is outfitted in to-die-for black and white outfits.

In fact, this is one of my all-time favorite fashion in film moments and just goes to show how important costumes are to the overall mood and story of a movie. In this scene, Audrey herself is outfitted in a white lace dress with black and white striped trim and a hat so big, I don’t know how she can balance it on her head!

mfl2 Cinematic Fashion: My Fair Lady

Now, you don’t have to go directly to lace and feathers (or a giant hat) when planning your own look, but you can certainly do so if you’re feeling gutsy. Just remember that black and white is the key! I created two very different outfits to work off of for your own unique look. The first is a striped dress and matching accessories for a daytime, semi-formal event, and the second is a more casual evening or night out on the town with a striped blazer as the staple piece.

c600x494 Cinematic Fashion: My Fair Lady

Making a statement with your look is fun, and so is going over the top, as long as you feel comfortable and confident. However, please remember to substitute Audrey’s lace parasol for a modern black or white clutch, and if you decide to don a fabulous hat take it down a few notches in size! Now, I can only dream that you will be surrounded by others adorned only in black and white, but you will just have to leave that part up to the imagination.

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  1. Very elegant indeed!!

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