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Virtual Dressing Room Assistant Helps Online Shoppers with Sizing |

Have you ever been a size S at one store and a size M at another? Often I shop on ecommerce sites headquartered in Europe or Asia hoping to find a little something different, and the scariest part is trying to find a good fit for a new piece of apparel.

1 Virtual Dressing Room Assistant Helps Online Shoppers with Sizing

Enter Fits.me, a company that offers the technology online clothing retailers can use to give customers a realistic view of how different sizes of a piece of clothing will fit their body.

“Our robots and the Virtual Fitting Room technology have solved the main problem that online clothing retailers face – the lack of a fitting room,” Heikki Haldre, CEO and co-founder of Fits.me said.

The technology, created by teams from Estonia (Tartu University and Tallinn Technical University) and Germany (Human Solutions GmbH), is the basis for the robotic mannequins whose shapes can deftly shrink to slimmer sizes or grow to hunkier frames. These robots- there are 14 total- can morph into 100,000 body shapes.

Right now, brands like Ermenegildo Zegna (a men’s luxury brand), Thomas Pink, and Park & Bond use this technology to help give their clients a better understanding of how their pieces fit. Why did all the men’s retailers jump on board first? According to the Fits.me team, a man’s torso is less complicated than a woman’s so the team started there, back in 2010. And just recently, the first woman’s robot model was launched.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O-1PFqQ6Yso&w=560&h=315]

Vogue magazine named Fits.me one of the most influential names in digital fashion in their 2012 Online Fashion 100 list so rest assured, this invention is fashion forward. Now here’s hoping the Fits.me team can create an army of robots to send to more than a few luxury retailers so I can spend less time on guesswork and returns and more time shopping for pieces that will actually flatter.


One Response to Virtual Dressing Room Assistant Helps Online Shoppers with Sizing

  1. Holly Harris says:

    I’m still searching, but can’t find retailers with virtual models of different builds. We could select the model best matching ourselves & “try on” apparel. That must be more difficult than I imagine.. :

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